Video courtesy of East End Tick and Mosquito

 This 3 minute video can help raise awareness about tick bites and some illnesses a tick bite can cause!  (Please note* the causative pathogen for Lyme disease is a spirochete named Borrelia Burgdorferi).

News 12 Long Island Video

 President of Tick Wise Education April Boitano with Kayla Ayres of News12 

Local Interview with NPR News/Bridget LeRoy & Alec Sokolow

Interview from 3/31/19 Show starts at 2:30 seconds into the video.  Brian Kelly and I covered a LOT of ground in this interview.  From the start of Lyme Disease, Lyme Disease Testing, Tick Bite Prevention, How to repel ticks, how to remove a tick correctly, Alpha Gal meat allergy, and more!  Give a listen, education is power & knowing is half the battle.  Don't be scared - be prepared, Train your eyes to be Tick Wise!

News 12 interview at William Floyd Elementary

 The Tick Wise Education Children's Tick Bite Safety and Awareness Program in the News!


Check out this great video