Video courtesy of East End Tick and Mosquito

 This 3 minute video can help raise awareness about tick bites and some illnesses a tick bite can cause!  (Please note* the causative pathogen for Lyme disease is a spirochete named Borrelia Burgdorferi).

News 12 Long Island Video

 President of Tick Wise Education April Boitano with Kayla Ayres of News12 

Local Interview with NPR News/Bridget LeRoy & Alec Sokolow

Interview from 3/31/19 Show starts at 2:30 seconds into the video.  Brian Kelly and I covered a LOT of ground in this interview.  From the start of Lyme Disease, Lyme Disease Testing, Tick Bite Prevention, How to repel ticks, how to remove a tick correctly, Alpha Gal meat allergy, and more!  Give a listen, education is power & knowing is half the battle.  Don't be scared - be prepared, Train your eyes to be Tick Wise!

News 12 interview at William Floyd Elementary

 The Tick Wise Education Children's Tick Bite Safety and Awareness Program in the News!